• Virgo Personality Traits

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    Are you listed as Virgo since your date of birth lies between August 23rd and September 22nd? Let’s discover some basic information about your sign – Virgo through this article. The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin that depicts the purity. It is believed that people born under the sign of Virgo have a highly strong sense of the good and bad that makes them highly discerning. Due to this characteristic, they can aid people around them in understanding whether their actions are right or wrong. In any field in life, Virgos are always careful of everything they do.

    Virgo Personality Traits

    According to dozens of talented and seasoned astrologers, Virgo is a passive Zodiac sign. It is extremely rare to see them in some outdoor activities. However, in some urgent cases, everyone will find them highly agile. Although Virgos are intelligent, sometimes, they can remain confused about some decisions including making chores in their daily lives. Furthermore, these people are great at establishing the stable relationships with anybody around them.

    In general, Virgos are often responsible for any entrusted task. Due to this, they can put too much pressure on themselves. Don’t worry about these tasks, dear Virgo! Balance your work and relaxation in a suitable way. Everything will be driven as your expectation. In some social relations, people often feel fun because of Virgos’ senses of humor.

    A brief overview of Virgo personality traits
    • Dates of birth: August 23rd – September 22nd
    • The symbol: the Virgin
    • Special numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 61, 72
    • Convenient months: April, July, November and December
    • Inconvenient months: February, March and May
    • The most compatible signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces
    • The most incompatible signs: Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Aries
    • Health problems: Abdomen, Intestines, Spleen and Diaphragm

    It will be a wrong idea to think that Virgos are composed and calm. Actually, they are nervous and unorganized in their minds. Therefore, they often spend too much time in thinking carefully before making any decision. With their curiosities and ambitions, they always attempt to learn many exciting and fascinating things in life. In some arguments, they are not eager to accept other people’s points of view.

    Virgos in career

    Thanks to their analytical and thinking minds, most Virgos are able to be successful in whatever they do. With their intellect, they can be good at some aspects such as logical interpretation, deduction and analysis. Hence, it will be a wise action for them to choose some jobs such as researchers, doctors and financial analysts. Due to their love and care by nature, Virgos are also great at healthcare professional, social workers, physicians and volunteers.

    Virgos in relationship

    Lots of astrologers have predicted that Virgo is one of the wisest signs in the total of 12 Zodiac signs. They are gifted with the most logical mind. As a result, they can perceive some hidden and inner things that cause their love affairs to be complicated. However, this can make Virgos lose their opportunities of being happy since they can see some negative things of their partners. Don’t worry! In these circumstances, Virgos and their lovers should talk and share attitudes with each other so that they can understand what they really need. Normally, Virgos are mostly faithful, and they always look forward to a long-lasting and steady relationship.

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